My Background

I grew up in a small town in Kansas where I spent the majority of my summers on the lake and winters playing cards and drawn-out games of Monopoly by the fireplace. My family was extremely close-knit so I spent every moment of free time with them.

In school, I always loved writing and knew that’s what I wanted to pursue from the time I was in the third grade. To begin my journey, I attended Creighton University my freshman year of college where I fell so in love with the school, the vibrant downtown area, and all of the amazing people there. I made some truly amazing memories and grew immensely in my time living in Nebraska.

Making the decision to transfer to Drury University was incredibly difficult and while I never thought I could love another school as much as I loved Creighton, I have quickly come to find all of the things that make Drury special as well.

One of my favorite things about transferring to Drury has been getting to explore Springfield. I love this community and all the surrounding small towns so dearly. Many of my peers roll their eyes when I express this love for Springfield and they speak on wanting to move to bigger cities, but I can truly see myself living in Springfield for the rest of my life.

The biggest reason for this deep-seated love is because it’s where I found my church community. One Community Church and their young adult ministry, The Table, has forever changed the course of my life. I love doing life with the amazing people in this church so much that I have found my weeks consumed with it. I plan my schedule around bible studies, discipleship, and our ministry events in order to constantly surround myself with people who encourage me and help me work towards becoming a better version of myself.

For years I was so caught up in seeking perfection and trying to check off all the boxes because I was convinced that I needed to earn God’s love. When my attempts at perfection failed, I would give up and lose myself and any semblance of Christ that I had in my life. I was lost in my sin and shame and I missed out on truly having a relationship with Him.

This is when I learned the difference between striving for continuous improvement and striving for perfection. Attempting to attain perfection always left me feeling like I wasn’t good enough, which I never felt when I was simply trying to do the best I could.

It wasn’t until finding my church community that so many amazing people began to speak into my life and I learned I couldn’t earn God’s love. He loves me just as much on my worst day as He does on my best. Since then, slowly but surely I have grown closer and closer with God every day as He draws me into relationship with Him and continues to mold me into who He created me to be.

God has given me so many amazing memories, whether it’s gathering in a home with all of my closest friends for a worship night or spending time alone with Him on my front porch swing in prayer. He has transformed my heart, and allowed me to love Him, others, and myself greater than I knew possible.

My Day to Day

I’ve been told more than once after telling a funny story about my family and life that I should have a reality TV show, but the truth is my day to day life is extremely boring. I spend my days going to class, working at a local Marketing firm, attempting to go on runs without getting lost, cooking for my friends and family, and accomplishing mundane tasks like laundry and cleaning the stovetop.

It is so easy to paint a picture-perfect image of my life, to pretend like I spend all of my time going on scenic bike rides, eating vegetables, and reading my Bible in cozy coffee shops like a good little Christian. But my main goal in creating this website is to provide a place for authenticity, which is why I’ll let you know that I spend more time than I probably should lying around, re-watching episodes of Parks and Rec, and eating cookie dough by the spoonful.

And while I strive to work on maintaining healthy habits and growing my relationship with God, the truth is I fall and make mistakes. A lot. We are all broken people and I wish that it were possible to erase parts of my story. To gloss over the past and to have never been led astray from the Lord. I’ve had to fight through a lot of sin and shame to get to where I am today. And now I want to help other people win that same fight.

My Writing

I grew up always loving to write. In Kindergarten, I started writing fake Hallmark cards and loved the way I could make my family’s faces light up with my words. In third grade, I wrote a story about my little sister eating worms and was amazed at the laughter incited by silly storytelling. In high school, I wrote articles for the school newspaper and learned how to tell a story that could have an influence on others.

In all of these instances what ultimately shined through was the impact my words could have. How simply putting words down on paper could affect other people’s opinions, thoughts, and emotions. I became obsessed with the way I could use my words and have known that I want to be a writer ever since.

I have always dreamed of being an author, spending all of my days writing words of encouragement to help others grow closer to God. I want to use my words to make a difference in other people’s lives and this website is an attempt at doing so.

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