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Be Together Again

This blog post provides a description of my book Be Together Again and outlines how I decided on the title along with how the writing process began.

Watch More Sunsets Than Netflix

It is easy to use Netflix, TV, movies, books, video games, and social media as a way to escape from the harsh realities of life. But bringing our problems to God helps us heal from them instead of ignoring them.

And They Were Roommates

Living with roommates is such a blessing and can bring about so many lessons. Strive not to let little annoyances get in the way of learning to love them more.


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About Me

It’s always been my dream to write books for a living and now I’m attempting to make those dreams a reality. As I continue writing chapter after chapter, I’m building this website in the hopes of one day being published. I pray these blog posts help you as you navigate through life. All of these topics are things I have struggled with. My mom has always said that because I am extremely stubborn, I always wind up learning things the hard way. My goal is to help others learn from my mistakes so they can avoid making them in the first place. But ultimately, I want to encourage others and show them that even when they do make mistakes and fall, they have a Father waiting to pick them back up.

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